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View This Article How to Survive a Bad Perm – Or, Why Most Lesbians Wear Short Hair
Pam Harrison

Well, my hair is back to short and perky again—and I am glad. I recently went through a traumatic experience at my hairstylist’s about three months ago when I went in to get a perm. Unfortunately for me that day, our favorite hairdresser Tammy, who normally does my hair, Sweetie’s hair and Mother-in-Law’s hair, was not in.
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Off to the Left
View This Article Welcome to Ohio
Brett Porter

Welcome to Ohio, where it’s always 1954. This is the land that I love – where gay means happy and if a man hits a woman, it’s not that bad if they’re not married. Thanks to the idiot conservatives who are afraid their own shadows might turn gay, Ohio passed an amendment to the state constitution in November 2004 stating gay marriage is illegal in Ohio. But that’s not all folks.
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Off to the Right
View This Article Yeah Baby, Drill Faster
Scott Sherman

Here’s a little news flash for all you whiney liberals. There are three government branches, and despite the lines you’ve been fed, they are all equal. If you listen to hardcore conservatives, they will say the “activist judges” are out of control. If you listen to the Democrats, they are terrified the Bush administration may put a couple of unwanted judges on the bench. So for Nancy Pelosi, the best choice is to change the rules on how judges are processed through Congress.

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