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Yeah Baby, Drill Faster
Scott Sherman
Thursday, March 31, 2005


Here’s a little news flash for all you whiney liberals. There are three government branches, and despite the lines you’ve been fed, they are all equal. If you listen to hardcore conservatives, they will say the “activist judges” are out of control. If you listen to the Democrats, they are terrified the Bush administration may put a couple of unwanted judges on the bench. So for Nancy Pelosi, the best choice is to change the rules on how judges are processed through Congress.

For nearly 50 years the Democrats have held sway over the bench of the United States Federal Courts. While a Democratic president sat in office, he or she certainly had the power to somewhat control who was or was not appointed. This Democratic Party power of control goes as far back as FDR and his attempt to pack the courts. FDR’s did this because the Supreme Court was ruling left and right against his New Deal initiatives.

Ms. Pelosi currently says no checks and balances were in place for the appointment of judges. That, naturally, is hogwash. The check-and-balance process is the American people. The Democrats certainly drove home the point that the current president would have control of court appointments and possibly two Supreme Court appointments. Even with that message, the American people re-elected a conservative president.

My question to Ms. Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats is this: What has changed since they were in power? For years the Democrats have installed these hippy dippy liberal judges who have peed all over certain tenants that most Americans hold dear. The federal courts have been plugged with tedious lawsuits, usually brought on by the American Un-Civil Liberties Union, which have tried to remove a cross from a 200-year-old city seal or some other ridiculous filing.

It’s taken nearly 50 years for the liberals to get where they are today by manipulating the judiciary. Judges are appointed for life and presidents only have four to eight years to get the job done. Don’t like what the current judges are doing? Then vote out the president and swing the party back into power. Over the last few months, the Democrats have come off as petulant children who are mad because they don’t have the ball anymore. It’s time to grow up and get on with the tasks at hand. Trying to change the rules to suit your party will only back fire.

Just one quick thought on a topic for which I received much mail last week – drilling in the Artic wilderness. As far as I am concerned, they can’t drill fast enough. I’m sure that comes as no surprise. I always take these environmental activists with a giant grain of salt. For years we’ve been told cars pollute the air. Here in the West we have yearly smog checks because the smog is terrible. Years later, the smog hasn’t become any better. Now it’s not the cars, but the carbon dioxide that’s causing the problem, so everyone needs to stop breathing. What about the ozone layer? Wasn’t it supposed to collapse and kill us all? But isn’t it funny how the ozone hole over the South Pole is actually closing? Scientists started to say maybe it was all part of a natural cycle. You won’t see that mentioned at a Green Peace conference, will you?

Environmentalists warn us about global warming and say Las Vegas will go dry. Last January we had more rain in four weeks than all of last year combined. Record snowfalls are piling up in the Sierras and the drought may be broken here after five years. Of course we should be careful, but my point is that we should not be stupid, either. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are willing to take on an alternative fuel plan just yet. Our dependence on Mideast oil is nearly crippling at this point. Liberals want to save the environment, but they still love those SUVs… just as much as any conservative.

The hypocrisy of the left always amazes me in areas such as this. The Alaskan pipeline has run for years without issue. In fact, studies have actually said perhaps the pipeline has actually helped some species through some harsh winters by giving some protection from the elements. Naturally, the idea of leftist enviro-wackos is to scare the crap out of you to get what they want. That’s right. Let’s just shut it all down and stop drilling.

So, to put it in perspective, how will you get to your next PETA rally without public transportation?

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